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Hari Prasad Nadig
Photo: Suma K Addoor

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Hari Prasad Nadig is an Entrepreneur, Drupal Consultant, WikipedianKannadiga

He is also a part-time Writer, Photographer, Cartoonist and a Dev-op.

Interests include Free and Open Source Software, Localization, Indic (Indian) language computing, Photography, Programming, UI/UX and Design, Books, Kannada literature, Agriculture, Sustainable living, Organic farming, Homeschooling and Solid Waste Management.


Photo: Suma K Addoor. 


  • Adores his mother tongue, has been involved in several projects surrounding the Kannada language.
  • has contributed as a developer to Evolution project.
  • is a sysop and bureaucrat on Kannada Wikipedia, and brought it up as an active editor for a long time starting from its initial version in September 2004.
  • In 2005, he started Sampada, a community of Kannada speaking people. Sampada is now a well-known initiative and has become one of the largest portals in Kannada on the Internet.
  • In 2010, 2011 he brought out 6 editions of Krushi Sampada, an on-line magazine dedicated to Agriculture with Mr. Addoor Krishna Rao as the editor. The magazine was intended to highlight natural, organic methods of farming and conserving balance of the eco-system.
  • has served as a member on the Chapters commitee of Wikimedia Foundation.
  • is one of the founding members of Wikimedia India.
  • has served as secretary of Wikimedia India.
  • has helped coordinating efforts surrounding GNU/Linux Habba. Three editions of GNU/Linux Habba (GNU/Linux Festivals) were organized in various cities/towns of the state throwing light on how to use local language (specifically Kannada) on GNU/Linux.
  • has also coordinated efforts surrounding Nira Nischinte - set of events that were intended towards creating awareness about sustainable water management and using social networks, blogs and technology to spread awareness.
  • has helped create the Kannada Water Portal and has personally managed it for quite a while.
  • writes in Kannada by hobby. Has written several articles in Kannada about technology that have appeared in major newspapers and magazines.

Among the several other events he has helped organize are Kannada Wikipedia meet-ups and several other initiatives surrounding Wikipedia

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