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Privacy Policy :: WikiTrack app on Android and iOS

WikiTrack collects the Wikimedia Username entered into the app, information on the projects visited (listed by language) and projects remembered by the user so that these can be run through the Wikimedia metrics to study the impact. The data collected shall be used only for global metrics and in measuring impact of the project.



The rich and poor of Wikipedia in India

An anonymous parcel arrived the other day by courier and the security downstairs had kept it aside.
I opened it late in the evening to find a parcel with no note whatsoever in it. A T-Shirt and a memento was thrust into a box. Turns out that it was the stuff distributed at the “Kannada Wikipedia 10th anniversary” event to which I was not invited officially.  It was as though someone knew I wouldn’t accept it and kept it anonymous.

Wikimedia India

Back in 2004, we used to have discussions on how to improve Indian language projects on Wikipedia and related projects. It was then that the discussions had also channeled towards a probable Indian Chapter that could provide support and backing for the local community and the local projects. At that time, there were just a few chapters worldwide.