Discussion: Writing Science and Technology in Kannada

Submitted by hpn on March 30, 2009 - 18:35
[Background: Kannada, like probably many other Indian languages, has seen its days run out completely as the primary language used to store, record knowledge. It may have been due to several factors, but back to local view of the world: local news, local language, local perspectives and everything local has now been catching up. Even FM radios in the city have switched back to the local language as the primary language of broadcast. Well, is it time the local language is also used more and more to document knowledge?

Discussion: Kannada, Technology and Internet

Submitted by hpn on March 26, 2009 - 21:32
Sampada Foundation
in association with
Center for Internet and Society

invites you to...

Discussion on:
  • Kannada, standards in technology and Internet
    - writing about Software, related technologies and free alternatives. Creating awareness, sharing know-how.
  • Effective use of Technology, Internet:
    - writing Agriculture, Water, Science and Technology in local language.

Kannada Videocast and Podcast: Science writing in Kannada

Submitted by hpn on August 10, 2007 - 19:38
Videocast and Podcast of the interview with G T Narayana Rao (in Kannada language)
When almost everyone seemed to have thought we were done with podcasts at [:|Sampada], we've done it again. This time, we have an episode which marks the first of several podcasts about writing Science and Technology in Kannada. There are several new stuff this time.