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Kannada translation of Rilke's "Letters To A Young Poet"

Professor O L Nagabushana Swamy had translated Rilke's "Letters To A Young Poet" to Kannada. This came as a book last week, titled "ಯುವಕವಿಗೆ ಬರೆದ ಪತ್ರಗಳು" at Gandhi Sahithya Sangha, Malleshwaram. I usually stay away from public events, but this one was an exception.

9th edition of podcast on Sampada with Vivek Shanbag and Status Update

Limitation in funds, time have stalled improvements on Sampada for a while. The fact that we never expected traffic to burgeon into what it has during last 12 months on Sampada also added to it (we have been getting over 3 million hits each month). Need for better infrastructure has put a roadblock on new projects which has made few of us contemplate a lot on what needs to be done with Sampada and related projects in future.

A morning spent watching "good" Kannada Cinema


For years now, we've had very less of quality films in Kannada, and here is one cinema that is good on quality, but never got to the theatres. Distributors here fancy films that have songs, dance and crazy fights which on most occasions merely are low quality mockery of Bollywood/Hollywood. Sadly, it is the song and dance films that bring in huge moolah for them as art films go untried.

Kannada Update

[:|Prajavani] has [:|carried an article today] that mentions [:|Sampada]. I was unaware of it until some of my friends sent me messages citing this. We've had 60+ registrations in just one day today (on Sampada) and the server was going through all sorts of problem bungling under heavy load (which was already because of several other reasons).

Kannada Videocast and Podcast: Science writing in Kannada

Videocast and Podcast of the interview with G T Narayana Rao (in Kannada language)
When almost everyone seemed to have thought we were done with podcasts at [:|Sampada], we've done it again. This time, we have an episode which marks the first of several podcasts about writing Science and Technology in Kannada.