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Debian Etch and hp nx6120

debian It was a long time since I installed debian on my laptop. Unsupported hardware issues dogged it the last time I tried it on this (which seems years back). But this time, it was really worth giving a shot. I found Debian sleek, more nostalgic than any other present distribution. It is probably the best distribution to work with.

Upgrade to Feisty Fawn

Upgraded Ubuntu on my laptop to the latest - 7.04, Feisty Fawn. The upgrade was smooth and easy. For me, upgrading to a newer version is to just have the latest of applications, especially GNOME and Evolution. Looks like there is a bunch of [:|very nice features] on 7.04. If your Firefox rendering of Indic characters (especially Kannada characters) go bonkers yet again, add your default locale back again on /usr/bin/firefox. Look for this section to do that:

Converting and merging TIFF files to PDF

Found this on a forum. Very useful in converting Tiffs to PDF. tiff2ps -h 8.5 -w 11 *.tif > ps2pdfwr -g7920x6120 OR $ for f in *.tiff; do convert [options] $f $; done $ convert *.ps $ ps2pdf merged.pdf For the first method, you'll need Ghostscript Utilities installed. For the second, you'll need imagemagick installed.