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Spam - orama

Few weeks back, an e-mail had crowned me a winner of some lottery I never heard of or participated in... Today, I get this ;) damn, the spam!
Greetings from me and my family, Getting your contact was not an easy task because since I am not computer literate, I ordered my son to seek a partner very far away and he went to the institute of International Business to apply and he paid them the charges. After two days we were given three names and I did not write the three but merely close my eyes in prayers and your address became my

Contributing to wikipedia...

I could make some time to contribute to wikipedia on some information that I felt should *really* be on wikipedia for people to know. These are the pages I added: Kanive and these are the ones I edited: Its a happy feeling to contribute to the largest free (open) Encyclopedia of the world!

where in the world is... carmen san diego?

I was searching for this famous DOS based game... came across this link: where have all those nice DOS games we used to play in those good old days gone? Having accustomed to Linux these days, I've been trying out a bunch of small games on X, when I remembered that lovely game of carmen. whew! what a nice game it was! On linux, though, I've got attached very much to the Bubbles, Tux Racer. Nice, little games! UPDATE: need gmail account? I still have few left.. scroll down to the bottom and leave your email id on the thread. will send ya one ;)

Need gmail account?

UPDATE: (March 2005) There are loads of gmail invites with me now. Just ask! (you can help get rid of them). Even freegmailinvites has stopped taking donations. ok, I've just got two more invites. I remember many of you asking me for gmail invites previously... But don't remember who all had asked for it! So, the first ones to ask me for an account, will get one each from the gmail invites I have ;) Update: 6 more invites! whew! All those who're still looking for it, can help me get rid of them. Update: (Feb 2005) Looks like google's become far more generous to gmail seekers now... I've been getting 50 invites to give away each time. So, all those who (still) need it, can just leave their email address here. Note : If yours is a yahoo, hotmail address, please check the bulk mail folder of your account once you leave your mail id here.

Kannada sites on the net...

I was just looking up few kannada sites on the net... when I thought of listing them, here ;-) hope the following list of kannada sites would be useful to all fellow kannadigas...

UPDATE: Visit Sampada

UPDATE: Visit this for the latest compilation with more kannada sites

UPDATE: categorised all the kannada related sites. Localisation, l10n Work Kannada i10n, Project Page Kannada i10n, Community Portal Kannada wikipedia - the largest free Encyclopedia (ಕನ