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Internet is now!

Update your bookmarks! is now! I finally made the decision to switchover since .com never suited for a personal domain. I also had registered before I could know that .info domains are being given out for free! (Sigh!) But, thanks to, I could register, and for free, which point to the same site ;) hasn't yet gotten resolved. So, you people can use for the moment!

Cultural & Intellectual Texts of India

How about some of those very much hunted old texts in Sanskrit? How is it when you get it in your own language? ;) Here's that pandora's box. It has Bhagavadhgita, Meghadhutam, NyaayasUtra, Rigveda-Pratishakhya, Tarka Sangraha in Kannada, Sanskrit, Gujarati and Telugu; Adding to those, there are Ashtaadhyaayi, Apishaala shiksha, Taittiriya-Pratishakhya. Lets bow to whoever has done this nice work! :) Also, found hanuman Chalisa re-written in Kannada script today... Get it here.

gaim vs yahoo messenger

I've been using gaim for almost a year now on Linux. Recently, I tried gaim on windows too. It was interesting to see that gaim used less memory than the Yahoo messenger or the MSN Messenger whilst providing an interface for both :) gaim took around 9,932 K, while YPager.exe - the yahoo daemon took 17,964K! Though it is true that gaim might not be as good as the new yahoo messenger (taking into account that text services, shoutcast, weather etc aren't available when using gaim), its more than what we can ask for, in terms of functioning. Gaim has a lite interface, (at times, the 'sign on' screen doesn't get refreshed soon, but I think this is the gtk issue on win32) and a better set of options for windows (wingaim plugin). The best part of gaim is perhaps the flexibility in the application with all the plugins we get for it. Adding buddy pounces are a lot useful at times - probably the very nice option that ain't available on other IMs. But, we're sure to miss out on stealth settings of yahoo when using gaim. Another significant difference is that gaim is built with a general usage kept in mind, probably. Thats the reason why gaim stands unique and a lot more useful. An example for this - the ability to log into irc with gaim... a complete all in one :) But surely, there ain't a match for gaim on Linux. Yahoo messenger for linux is full of bugs and irritating piece of software there. So, its gaim for life on Linux!

Gmail facts

Was just browsing around, when I came across some really interesting sites about gmail. Here's a little post on it... #1 Few months back, few users, it seems had gotten to see a terrabyte space instead of 1 gig ;) See this article #2 Gmail (can be) used as an online storage? see this page: (called the gmail Drive shell extension). I haven't tried it, though. #3 Here's a description of a nice way to skin gmail using a custom stylesheet on your browser: #4 An' here's this site where you can swap gmail invites for something else! the things for which gmail invites are being swapped there is real interesting to watch. Someone is swapping them for getting the homework done and someone for getting users register to his site ;) #5 The best of all... a gmail wiki! this one's the most intersting thing ;) #6 An' here's a gmailer for php ;) #7 This one's from the help center of gmail. The advanced search options are cool. Check this