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Another podcast on Sampada

After a long time, we managed to squeeze in another [:|podcast on Sampada]. There's a long list of TODO, though, on Sampada with some basic features (such as XML for the podcasts) not working all that fine. But the good thing is, we've caught renown Kannada poet Nisar Ahmed talking on some of the most interesting and contemporary issues making the podcast even more interesting this time.

Top 100 articles on Kannada Wikipedia

[:|Edward Chernenko] of [:|Russian Wikipedia] has put across [:|this very nice tool] that counts the hits that various language Wikipedias receive (Javascript snippet needs to be inserted on wiki to get it started, though). For many months now, Wikimedia has not been keeping page hit statistics on Wikipedia project since they add up to the load on the servers.


[:|Trac] is indeed a very useful software. When swamped with too many things to do, this is a good tool to keep track of all the tasks and issues in a better way (at least it has been that, for me). It even has a wiki that is very much similar to [w:Mediawiki|Mediawiki].

Sessions on Firefox

One feature I missed very much on Firefox was the option to easily and automatically save browsing sessions. Opera had this feature even in the old days, out-of-box.

[:|Tab Mix Plus] - an extension to Firefox adds the feature in a pretty nice way. It saves all the tabs even when the browser crashes and more importantly, lets the user open back the tab closed accidentally. Another cannot-do-without extension for Firefox. Hope features like this one get added to the core distribution.


Tata Indicom 'Broadband' is the *worst* of all!

After almost 2 weeks of toil with frequent disconnections, I'm furious with Tata Indicom 'Broadband' service and quite intent to throw the connection away for some better Internet service. The month long wait for the connection wasn’t worth anything, after all. Just a rain or power cut seems to be enough excuse for the service to go down!