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Discussion: Writing Science and Technology in Kannada

[Background: Kannada, like probably many other Indian languages, has seen its days run out completely as the primary language used to store, record knowledge. It may have been due to several factors, but back to local view of the world: local news, local language, local perspectives and everything local has now been catching up. Even FM radios in the city have switched back to the local language as the primary language of broadcast. Well, is it time the local language is also used more and more to document knowledge?

Discussion: Kannada, Technology and Internet

Sampada Foundation
in association with
Center for Internet and Society

invites you to...

Discussion on:
  • Kannada, standards in technology and Internet
    - writing about Software, related technologies and free alternatives. Creating awareness, sharing know-how.
  • Effective use of Technology, Internet:
    - writing Agriculture, Water, Science and Technology in local language.

Tata Internet Services disrupted

People using Tata Indicom Broadband (and several other services here in India) seem to be affected by heavy packet loss in their Internet connections. When I called up the Tata Indicom Customer Care almost in what seemed to be the umpteenth time I was calling them in last two days, I was told about some "submarine cable damage", "main server issue" and few other such things. Earlier they had a reason to believe it was a local issue and they said they will get it rectified in "6 hours".

Mysore AkashvaNi: Conversation about Kannada on Internet

[:|Rasheed] just called me up to inform that there will be a program telecast tomorrow on Mysore Akashvani (FM 100.6, Mysore) about Kannada on Internet. The program is a live conversation scheduled at around 8.00 AM. Catch it if you're in Mysore.

Best of 'Sampada'

Finally, something we had planned for a long time now has been getting its shape. [:|Best of 'Sampada'] is a book that you can read on-line comprising of the very best Kannada articles posted during last two years on Sampada. All articles have been classified under the taxonomies they were tagged in. Feedback, suggestions for improvement [:|are all welcome].

Digital Library of India: Download all that you can...

[:|Digital Library of India] has been unveiled, but with a shocker of an interface. But not much can be expected out of a "Government of India" project, as they always manage to find just the right technologies (or people?) for their job (Why, e-governance in India is all ready to go Microsoft's way. When M$ boasts riches, we can all show our kids its logo and say that our government of poor people is one of their key customers).