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Sunday log: Nocturnal visit

Yesterday, after some time spent with people who had loads of ideas, space and resolution for pushing 'FOSS' in state and central government, we had a quick meal at "Chung's". Of all that we quickly gobbled up, that one recipe which had rice in it (schezwan?) was really the 'eatable' for me.


My favorite application for instant messaging - pidgin (previously gaim) seems to be taking up too much of resources on a desktop with decent hardware that I wouldn't want to upgrade or throw away anytime soon. On my machine, since instant messenger is something that stays on all the time, I'd prefer an IM client that occupies less of the available resources and above all, is light weighted and less complicated for use.

Wacom Bamboo MTE-450 on Debian Lenny

After setting up Wacom Bamboo on Ubuntu using this document, I wondered whether I would find some easy set of instructions for Debian as well. With very less time to even check out why I needed to paste the new udev rules and what exactly was getting pasted there anyhow, I wondered whether there was task cut-out to get the tablet working on Debian Lenny.

Debian Etch and hp nx6120

debian It was a long time since I installed debian on my laptop. Unsupported hardware issues dogged it the last time I tried it on this (which seems years back). But this time, it was really worth giving a shot. I found Debian sleek, more nostalgic than any other present distribution. It is probably the best distribution to work with.