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Hari Prasad Nadig
Photo: Suma K Addoor

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Blog :: 'PariveshaNa'

Indians shine...

It was a pleasure to watch Indians shine on the second day of the last and decisive test. Of all, I liked Parthiv making it to 69, and Jammy making a slow, steady and sturdy Century. Laxman's timing was as good as ever, with him falling to Shoaib... as ever! (sigh). Ganguly's batting was a treat to watch. Now, can India wrap up the series?

Lara makes it to 400!

If it is Viru in the subcontinent, it's Lara in the Caribbean to make it to the headlines. Seems like this is an era of mammoth individual totals! With this, Lara takes back the hold on the record for highest Individual score in test cricket, with his name etched in Gold in the History of Cricket. boy, isn't that a great achievement?

Getting along with libglade...

(hassle free GUI) This weekend, we were experimenting a bit with libglade & SQLite. So, here's this write-up on libglade.... read on... *** All the time we prepared GUI for our semester projects, we had that tinge of dissatisfaction that we hadn't had a way to keep the GUI stuff outside our code and that way keep the code clean. The neccessity was felt even more when there was a requirement to redesign the GUI. Once we started hacking Evolution, we knew the best way out. The Solution was to use libglade.