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Hari Prasad Nadig
Photo: Suma K Addoor

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Blog :: 'PariveshaNa'

Congress and Google Ads!

Do you think the campaigning was limited to TV Channels, SMSes? The answer is 'No'! Congress campaigns even through Google Ads! This might be the hi-tech face of Campaigning in Indian Elections :grins:. I dunno what help this might've had to Congress, but the exit polls show that whatever they did was indeed helpful for them. Looks like all the campaigning done by Congress has payed off.

Bravo, Murali!

What's so wonderful about this legend's career is that he's won innumerable matches for SriLanka both at home and overseas, not only just taking wickets. He's aptly called and truly *is* a 'magician'. To think that all the grunts he recieved in Australia about his bowling action might've only helped him become better and didn't decline his talent or morale, makes sense. :) Bravo, Murali!

A few Handy Tools

Same time last year, I would've probably explored my copy of digit CD for a required software or a tool. But, all this time, things have changed for me, and so has, probably, for most of us. All I do is google or search through sourceforge or freshmeat to find the required app. and install that, cleaning up the sources once everything's in place. There are so many handy applications to be tried and explored, we might lose our way exploring. Here, I list a few of those I've been using for a while. read on... DevHelp

A week long toil...

Didn't do very well in the test. Much accredited to the illness, couldn't churn much of the work that was pending. Now, thanks to all that, I look forward to a hefty week. Lots of coding to do and ofcourse, there's this semester theory paper to study for. I've been preparing a handbook for the budding hackers of Evolution, with all that I've got to learn all these days. There's one write-up I've done on SQLite and ofcourse couple of cartoons, which should be up in few days from now, here, as time permits.

SickNessU... DeadlinesU...

(Weekend Diary) Last four days have been almost eventless for me... fever, cough.. (urrgh!), with no significant work done. What`s irritating me is the deadline which is getting near by each day and the time constraint, since much of my time's been spent sleeping or just reading for past few days. This is first time in months that I haven't sticked to my comp for more than two hours in a stretch! But the week wasn't totally worse. The results came out for 7th sem and I got a decent 77%. Also, it was good to see Indians win, creating History.