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Hari Prasad Nadig
Photo: Suma K Addoor

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How would you describe the warranty of the code that you've written? Here's one funky but (perhaps) appropriate way of describing the warranty on your code: " This is a very early version, and comes without any warranties. If it breaks your PC in two, you own both bits :o) " he he! ( found here while searching for Xchat plugins... )

Got a message saying Osama Bin Laden got arrested? lol! you got duped!

Here's a prank, that says Osama bin Laden has been arrested in Delhi. lol! believe it, would you? the page's been worked to exact detail. pretty fancy, uh? ;-) ( Update: the link is down, now. obvious for a prank ;-) ) ( 18/4/2004 ) Spreads like Wildfire... I was pushing fast my work (night out), when this friend of mine gushed in these statements on IM: (23:55:27) (friend): guru r u ther e (23:55:54) hpnadig: yes? (23:56:09) (friend): BREAKING NEWS : OSAMA BIN LADE ARRESTED IN DELHI !!!!!

When the Unexpected turns out to be true...

Now, How many of us would've expected NDA toppling? and Congress coming to power in the centre? everybody went saying 'Congress for State and BJP for Centre'... Now, where did it go wrong? Phew! very sad thing... All the campaining by Congress ( see this ) did really pay off for them. Personally, I feel S M Krishna could've been given another chance, for his worth. A Hung Vidhan sabha is probably no good sign for the state. At the centre, now that Congress is going to form its government, can there be a sensible person like Manmohan singh as PM? ( just being over optimistic ;- ) )