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Hari Prasad Nadig
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Blog :: 'PariveshaNa'

The Roller coaster...

well, its been days of phun... after the days of anxiety and busy days. suddenly, after all the gushes of exams, reports, here's this nice peaceful time... all these get togethers, movies, phun. (in general, being the master of your own time!) ;-) after a nice send-off was recieved, everyone's busy haunting theaters, restaurants, (and ofcourse few busy hunting jobs) watching 2 movies in a week, after no movies for months together, was in itself a record on my side ;-) On the hacking front, nothing was done all this week. obvious, heh. ;-) I revamped the code of few of my semester projects, took some time off re-structuring the files... planning to put them on my homepage soon. On evolution front, I was glad that the enhancement that I gave, was accepted (and committed). hpj did mention that it was a good job. I'm indeed happy for that :-)

Here comes the end of Engineering...

So, its the end, finally. This was the end few waited for and others hated. I can't really explain what it really gives an 'end' to, but something is really going to end, unfortunately/fortunately. There's gonna be regrets, and there won't be regrets too... All in all, the statements that were making rounds in our campus tells it all: "I'm Unemployed from today" [1] "I'm not gonna ask my dad money for movies, from now on" [2] "I'm an Engineer, now!" [3] "I'm not gonna see all of ya for a while, bohoo!" [4]

Activity Log

yes, activity log. long time, no blog... here's the reason why: I've been mugging (yep, mugging's the word) last two days for the sole theory paper of 8th sem for completing VTU formalities. The subject is too general that whatever I try to memorize in it, the general issues I would've read on the net prop up in my mind. whew! gotto see how I fare on the morrow.

Tough weeks ahead

ah... Life... (sigh) Coming two weeks are gonna be very tough ones, and important ones too... I've got to finalise my project, gotto finish the final report and study for the Theory Paper. All these days have taught me a lot. Both technically and personally, I've learnt my lessons. This would surely help me judge things better in the future. Meanwhile, Job Hunt is on... Hence, for a while, there won't be much activity on this blog.

George makes the point...

Finally, the good god has made Sonia Gandhi to take the right decision. It would be a great sacrfice, surely, but worth it. But what baffles me is, wether she really means what she says: (taken from rediff - Address to Congress Parliamentary Party meeting in Delhi on Tuesday evening) "Throughout these past six years that I have been in politics, one thing has been clear to me. And that is, as I have often stated, that the post of prime minister is not my aim." If she were clear about it, why these 'yes, no' yes, no's for the post? Good old George Fernandes makes a good point here about it... ( as rediff quotes him saying ) : Fernandes said it was for the Left and Congress allies to think over and answer as to how they decided to elect as leader such a 'fickle-minded person' who has changed her views (on becoming prime minister) four times. erm, urm.. hmmm... :-)