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Hari Prasad Nadig
Photo: Suma K Addoor

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Blog :: 'PariveshaNa'


ah... some eventful week! I've largely stayed at home, all these days. Except for few occasions when I went to meet my friends and ended up visiting many corners of Bangalore...

bye bye, Engineering!

so, the results for 8th sem, VTU, (our last semester in Engineering) is out. I was late to get to know mine... (credit for that goes to the infinitely slow VTU website) but, thanks to kiran and mrinal who checked it out, for me. as expected, everyone's got good results... and err..., for the file, I got 342/375 with 75 in MIE (though, it ain't gonna matter much for the job thingy, though ^_~ ) bye bye, Engineering!

LDKit gets a new GUI...

LDKit (or digikit) was our 6th Semester project - a small utility that simulates the Logic Designer Kit that is made use of in Engineering college Labs. Initially, the mini-project had a GUI done up in hand coded gtk+ 1.2. I revamped the GUI for this handy application, porting it to libglade. Here's a screenshot of the new GUI: Click to view the screenshot I've made few changes to the backend, though it is as simple as ever... should be soon finished with it. Thinking of putting it on sourceforge :-)

Contribute to Kannada Localization...

We're on look out for people who're interested to contribute to the kannada localization project... if anyone who's interested can volunteer and can take up few jobs, it would be greatly appreciated by the community. The effort is on to move things at a faster rate. For more information on the project, do visit the project page at sourceforge.