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Hari Prasad Nadig
Photo: Suma K Addoor

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The steps leading to the main temple of Devarayanadurga hill was never this fancy, I'm told. The locals were thanking "liberal donations of people from Bengaluru" for the nice granite steps with concrete.
Somehow I felt that the age old steps that were carved using rocks were much better than these.

Ten years on the web

Watching Cricket today was like the old times. Whether or not India wins, the World Cup sure has taken me back to Cricket nostalgia. Somewhere between all this, I just remembered how my own website started as a blog to write about Cricket back then - around 10 years back. It had started out as a little set of HTML pages on Geocities (a service that was provided by yahoo). I had this huge fan page just about Jammy (Rahul Dravid) and much of the website was mainly about Cricket. It was those Cricket crazy days.