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Hari Prasad Nadig
Photo: Suma K Addoor

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Tools->Options? or Edit->Preferences?

Using Firefox on both Linux and Windows? You would know what I'm talking about... To comply with the GNOME HIG, the preferences option has been placed under Edit Menu for Linux version, instead of Tools->Options, in Firefox. For windows, though, the Tools->Options thingy has been retained. This thing is a bit confusing for users adapted to any of the versions, while trying out the other. here's a discussion on this thing Now, it is to be agreed that Firefox needs to abide to the GNOME HIG since it makes use of GTK toolkit on Linux. But hey, the confusion stays... ;) ( The bug mentioning this discrepancy.)

Finally, we get to see India in finals...

It was a great match to watch. Lots have been said about it and written already to this hour. The nice thing of all, is to get to see Indians in finals. The most disppointed would be our Pakistani brothers... well, folks, there's always the next time! Sanath Jayasuriya was absolutely astounding! heya, from where do they get all that extra energy against India? baffles me. Then came Dilshan... I saw people bidding farewell to their television sets when he was sailing along, showing the ball the boundary rope! nice thing that the Indians never gave it up. It was nice to see Zaheer Khan bowling wonders at the end. If this carries on to the next game, Indians are sure to bring the cup home! Having said that, the sluggish game the Indians displayed (except the last few overs), ain't gonna get them the cup, for sure!

Picasa - reviewed...

Its already a well spread news that Google has acquired picasa. I got a chance to download picasa's photo organizer and use it on my buddy's machine, today. Here's the review :-) This wonderful sotware is available for free. What I liked the most was that even on such a low end system, the thumbanails appeared smoothly (even WinXP on that machine flickers to show thumbnails in even small folders). More to that, the thumbnails can be resized with a slider! Next, the datewise albums... which is just wonderful. Adding keywords to each photo is very easy, too. The editing segment has the red-eye correction, rotation, cropping and a preset image enhancement. The search is too well made, and very easy to use. You can import pics from your digicam, scanner. The best of all, was the slideshow... called the 'timelines'. The slideshow really is the exquisite piece in that whole software. You can add an MP3 to get it played during the slideshows. Additionally, there's a picture manager, where you can tell the software to keep a watch on your favourite folders. Then, there are various customizations that you can do with the albums. The whole album can be exported as a web page, making it easier to publish. Bloggers at blogger get to add the photos to their blogs, very easily. The images can also be shared with hello. But, alas... both picasa and hello are avalable only under Microsoft windows :( Here's the screenshot: picasa

Kannada sites on the net...

I was just looking up few kannada sites on the net... when I thought of listing them, here ;-) hope the following list of kannada sites would be useful to all fellow kannadigas...

UPDATE: Visit Sampada

UPDATE: Visit this for the latest compilation with more kannada sites

UPDATE: categorised all the kannada related sites. Localisation, l10n Work Kannada i10n, Project Page Kannada i10n, Community Portal Kannada wikipedia - the largest free Encyclopedia (ಕನ