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Hari Prasad Nadig
Photo: Suma K Addoor

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Blog :: 'PariveshaNa'

Removing the annoying background color for icon text to get transparency on M$ Windows...

too large title, eh? ;) check this: landed there when I was searching on how to do this, for a friend of mine who wanted to get rid of the background color on the icon texts on his windows XP desktop. Thought, did mention it here. Very useful for M$ Windows XP, 98, ME users. btw, there are a lot more annoyances on Win XP usage listed there. [ tee hee ;) ]

Contributing to wikipedia...

I could make some time to contribute to wikipedia on some information that I felt should *really* be on wikipedia for people to know. These are the pages I added: Kanive and these are the ones I edited: Its a happy feeling to contribute to the largest free (open) Encyclopedia of the world!

A tryst with Terragen...

Couldn't resist trying terragen, finally. After watching all those nice stuffs our dear pal Swaroop did, and a brief session of experimenting at ~ Avinash's place, I decided to try out terragen on my PC. This image is one of those that I created just to see how the software functions. The Software is more than what you can ask for :) It has great number of features, and is free for personal use at this point of time. You can create all sorts of terrains within just few clicks. The most commendable thing in the software is how water is rendered. The applications is light weighted on both hard disk and RAM usage. It rendered 1024X768 image in just few minutes meanwhile none other applications that were open coughed... :) The application is smooth, has a thumbnail rendering preview before you can actually go for the large image. Looks like they are heading towards a real nice software that can go to lots of places in terms of usage! There are also options for saving your generated terrain, and also the work (each render is called a world ;) ), adding child surfaces (terrains) and lot more. All in all, a nice piece of software!

Some *win* to cover it up, at last...

So, If you missed today's game thinking the obvious that India would lose, there's a surprise for you... India won! Having got the medals and an extra champagne, vaughan was caught on the camera, describing the Indian team as the best side. Indian fans would've nodded at this and forgotten all the woes that came by the previous losses of their favourite team. But the series loss doesn't affect the Indian players... atleast financially. They would continue filling their pockets with money that flows from all those stupid cola ads, promotions, while the TV frontrunners would fight for their booty. News was that the Zee Network bagged the rights despite lacking a in-house production for cricket telecast. Dissappointing, it would be the most, for the shaz-waz pair who would miss out on their dose of lovely girls in their shows. gmail UPDATE: am still left with 5 invitations... those who need it, can scroll down and leave mailids on the thread to get them.