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Hari Prasad Nadig
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Blog :: 'PariveshaNa'

Mediawiki Newsletter in Kannada...

The mediawiki Quarto is coming in Kannada this time over. (Its being delivered in several other languages, too). This might be one such instance where information about an astounding global project reaches to the people of the world in their local languages. The Kannada version of wikipedia is showing quite a lot of activity these days. It would be nice to see atleast a mini encyclopedia completely in kannada. :)

Contribute to Kannada - Wikipedia! (Kannada Vishwakosha)

Wikipedia is vast, and has close to a million articles in all languages. (And we all know that its the largest Open/free Encyclopedia in the world) Its obvious that efforts from couple of people wouldn't take the dream of having a Complete Kannada Vishwakosha much far. So, If *you* are a Kannadiga, you can consider contributing to wikipedia, in whatever possible way. Visit Wikipedia Translations - Community page to get started. Let's bring it in ;)

Clearing the backlogs...

All this week was spent clearing the pending work I had, most of them trivial but time consuming. After returning from mumbai, we revamped the kannada project site a bit, and updated few articles. Have been reading Professor Shonku's exploits - written by Satyajit ray. I borrowed this book from Pramod who had bought this book at the airport mall. Very nice bunch of stories :) there's gonna be a write-up about it, very soon. ;)

Searching for Bhagavat gita? Here it is!

Shri Madhbhagavat Gita in Sanskrit (the original form) is available on the net on wikisource! It has been typed in Devangari script and is available under GPL here nice, ha? ;) UPDATE: Vishnu sahasra nama Stotram is also available at wikisource! woohoo! This is the link to it. Those who can't read sanskrit, can go here MORE UPDATE: Few Other Websites where you can find Shri MadhBhagavadhgita... - in roman - sanskrit script! - Some nice photos here. - A very Nice Picture Gallery hosting few very nice photos related to Bhagavat gita and others. - Multimedia version of Bhagavat Gita!

Spam - orama

Few weeks back, an e-mail had crowned me a winner of some lottery I never heard of or participated in... Today, I get this ;) damn, the spam!
Greetings from me and my family, Getting your contact was not an easy task because since I am not computer literate, I ordered my son to seek a partner very far away and he went to the institute of International Business to apply and he paid them the charges. After two days we were given three names and I did not write the three but merely close my eyes in prayers and your address became my