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Traffic Diary, Bengaluru

Just around the time when big spending announcement on infrastructure has been made in the state budget, the roads in the city of Bengaluru are back to the shabbiest state that we’re quite familiar with. ToI has an interesting note about the big allocation for Bengaluru roads in the state budget. It points out that:

The CM hasn’t fixed any clear deadline for most of these projects, and is depending on external funding to implement them. Ironically, for similar reasons, many roads announced in the 2013 budget never saw the light of the day. Many are also caught up in problems of land acquisition and citizens’ protests.

Citizen Matters has a detailed break-up of the budget allocation of this time.

The many announcements on this detailed break-up is also to be closely watched. For instance, the “Construction of International standard film city in Hesaraghatta, Bangalore.” (Hesaraghatta is the last place that needed more influx of people and traffic, the left-over green belt getting something like this cannot be called ‘planning’ at all).

However, considering how messed up the traffic situation is elsewhere, it is surprising and appalling to see the day-to-day commuters quite adapted to the way things are. What part of Rs 8,800 Crores would really get spent on the infrastructure is something that people will have to closely observe.


Honk Honk!

I keep hearing from people visiting India from outside that they’re quite unfamiliar with all the honking. But it is not just that. Apart from all the honks (which may get rendered useless at times), people here deploy a cheeky ploy to sneak through the traffic — replacing the normal vehicle horns with an amplified version to fool others. You’d drag your vehicle to the left thinking that there’s a big vehicle behind you, to only find a little bike sounding the horn just like a truck or lorry.

Footpath is the new road
Don’t be surprised if you find two-wheelers zooming beside you even when you’re walking on footpath in Bengaluru. It is crazy, but people do that here.

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