Three little guests at home

Submitted by hpn on November 4, 2012 - 15:14

Kittens at home

Kittens at home

Couple of weeks back, these three little ones showed up near our house from what felt like 'out of nowhere'. Someone had dumped them in the middle of the road and these kittens had found shelter under the car parked nearby. The one in black coat was quite ill the first day. It recovered quite surprisingly the very next day. Of course, Madamji had taken good care of them.

I had later put up a post on Facebook requesting anyone interested in adapting these three kittens to drop me a note. However, the kittens stayed and have been running all around inside the compound of our house.

Today, just back from a short trip on vacation to DakshiNa Kannada, the three of these seemed to be quite delighted to see us back. No wonder they love the scrambled egg that we had fed them earlier! The trouble is now to get them living like real cats rather than pets that completely depend on us. A walk to the garden today did get them exploring a bit around. They chased some insects and later in the evening even gulped in some of those four winged insects that gather around bulbs and lights outside right after a rainy day. But they still have been littering around with poop inside the compound wall making it tough for Madamji and the house maid to keep it clean. The talk here was that had the mother of these kittens spent some time with them, they would have learned to go outside and get around with their business. It would be interesting to see how these kittens get their surviving skills as well.

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