One more recipe for pulao

Submitted by hpn on October 14, 2012 - 16:55

Madamji has had flu and has been advised complete rest. Mom would have helped, but she's away on a trip. So, I suddenly found myself in-charge of the kitchen today after almost more than two years. Outside food is a strict no-no these days, the chilly and spices have been the culprits of the awful, recurring acidity. Moreover, when the weather is as depressing as it is this week in Bengaluru, better keep away from most of the restaurants!
I had to plan something up for food whilst clearing some backlogs here at my desk. Did away with some simple food for the morning - just the porridge of some brown unpolished rice for breakfast. For lunch, to fight the boredom of just the rice porridge I prepared some sweet semolina payasa with the awesome Maiya's semolina mix boiled in milk (a porridge again - quite a traditional and popular sweet during the festivals here).
For dinner, it was an experiment of sorts - an in-house recipe of palak rice gradually transformed into pulao! It was such a relief that the experiment turned out well, considering that I was cooking after such a long time without much help or assistance. It turned out to be quite tasty as well, so I leave the recipe here for you folks to experiment with it further or try as is:
Ingredients I used (for two people):

Basmati Rice (India Gate classic - the really lengthy old grains that are shipped in a brown pack).
Sliced Onion
Diced Carrots
Beans, cut into small pieces
Green peas

Spinach (Palak)
(Three of the above mashed into a paste with some water).

2 cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
2 elaichi
(all the above fried without oil in a pan for just  less than a minute and later quickly fried with half teaspoonful of turmeric powder and home made chilly powder as required. The fried spices can be either powdered on a little grinding stone for better aroma and taste or added directly to get some raw flavours)

The steps:
Rinse and soak Basmati in water for a good 20 minutes.
In a deep pan or cooker pan, fry sliced onions with some oil. Fry until they turn golden and a bit more until they're slightly crisp looking. Add the spices prepared as above to it and stir it for few seconds. Add the vegetables, the Spinach - Tomato - Garlic paste and stir a bit more. Add the soaked Basmati, stir a bit more - add water as needed to the rice and cook it. And that's that. Another variant of Pulao should be ready! And if you experiment a bit more - it could become your own variant.
I for one used slices of boiled baby corn for dressing and some sliced tomatoes. It looked and tasted good. No picture of that for you though. I was quite hungry and ate up before I realised I should have taken a photo of it.

Ah, this is the second recipe I'm blogging about in a week's time (the last one was on Sampada). Now, this shouldn't get you thinking that I'm turning into a cook - I've been one for several years by hobby. The good thing about being able to cook is the free hand to create something that you like.

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