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Kannada Cartoons

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Last week I had stumbled upon some hilarious [:|French cartoons]. This week, it was a surprise set of [:|Kannada] [:|cartoons] on a cartoon blog that I've been following for a long time now: the [:|desicartonist] blog. Once again, here are the links for the cartoons: [:|Link 1] [:|Link 2] Kannada cartoons The cartooning style is different from the usual ones we see on Kannada magazines and unique; the ideas are also very refreshing (say, for the jokes like "When I ask who's Bhagath Singh, the children have started saying he's a film star!"). Go visit! On a related note, here's the "[:|Cartoonist friend's blog]". Those who can read [:|Malayalam], please translate it for us. The illustrations are nice, here too. ******* Talking about cartoons, here's another link: Mike Lynch has answered [:|some questions on Gag cartoons]. When I started off with the hobby of cartooning in school, I always wanted to ask these questions to someone who knew the answers (especially the one on difficulty in drawing new characters that you aren't used to). On those few occasions I did cartoons for local papers back in [:|Shimoga] (years back), I had been asked to draw on some semi-transparent paper that powered scanning the imprint into the local publishing technology and all that it did was confuse me more on how they really did cartoons for publishing. In Bangalore, they've had better technology and just a sketch on some paper in black ink would do. [:|Paramesh Gundkal] used to scribble his cartoons on a piece of paper with a black pen just as his deadline neared (he's in the cinema related reporting at Udayavani, cartoon is just the extra responsibility). G S Naganath, a well known cartoonist (in Kannada) and a distant acquaintance of mine has been using Adobe Flash(!) to do illustrations of late. But at some point or the other, they all were using Indian Ink or Rotring Pens and fine tuned their talent on paper. :)


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