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The power of Opensource...

I've been working in the evolution community of Novell Ximian for past few weeks now. Before the assessment, my job was to hack the evolution code, file few patches and get used to the 'opensource' way of working. boy, it was a great experience! Wasn't so easy, initially, though I did hack evolution 1.4 long back. But, there have been loads of changes from pre 1.4 to the present evolution. The present evolution provides connection to Novell Groupwise which should help get more people who've sticked onto Windows to switch over to Linux ;) Hacking Evolution was fun. I got to interact with few nice people. It was a dream come true for me, interacting with people whom I had admired from far... seeing their code do wonderful things! I've learnt a lot - and am keen to learn more. Now, let's see how it goes ;) btw, Evolution 1.5.5 has been released of late and has had very promising features. Meanwhile, I've started blogging on gnome-bangalore too.. check it out... *** How would it be when you comeback to the drastically changed Bangalore after almost a decade? V Sathish Babu gives a very nice picture of it in his blog. read on...


Cool stuff man ! Evolution is a real neat Mail client for Linux ! Hv fun hacking Evolution BTW ... I guess on basic functionality Evolution lacks is the ability to check only one account at a time ie., say I hv 2 mail accounts set up : 1. My office mail 2. Personal mail When I click on the send / receive button I want to choose which account to check .... since I get more mails in the office account more frequently than the personal one which is an external POP3 account Evolution needs this (OE & Thunderbird already hv this feature)

HP dayavittu , font na kammi maadu. FONT Tubha doddadaagi Eddae. FOnt u 800X600 resolution monitor nalli full screen nalli baruva haagae maadu . ashtae