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Overconfidence did them in?

When much was said about Malya's Royal Challengers team being a test team, there could have been some immediate damage control. Instead the team composition sailed half way through the tournament tasting flops with the likes of Joshi (!!), AnilKumble (!) and Kallis. They might be classy cricketers, but the lack of aggression in a T20 scenario is conspicuous. Was it Dravid's overconfidence that did them in? With due respect to Joshi, Kumble or even Kallis, Boucher duo from SA, one would wonder whether they really are aggressive enough in T20 scenario. The whole bunch of Jammy's friends are in the team. Watching Sunil Joshi play a T20 match while T20 specialists Misbah-ul-Haq or Taylor sat out at the bench was unbelievable. What were Chanderpaul and Jaffer doing as openers? Now, although Malya's team doesn't necessarily represent Bangalore, it is sad stuff to see Bangalore's name at the bottom of a list that is checked by millions of viewers everyday!

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