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Cynic, are we?

Here's some interesting set of observations (or I choose to call it that way) which probably has some truth attached to it. Looks like we often fail to see these and let ourselves sail away with time, embracing things as they come our way.

Why suicide?

Couldn't resist pointing to this very well shaped write up that discusses the gruesome situation that seems mere possibilty, but embraces someone somewhere and the horror is known to only those who've been through it, and what compels them to move to what might probably become an hasty decision that takes their life. I would've pointed to this from my link blog rather, but this one with all its comments is too good to read & deserved to be mentioned here. Click on! UPDATE: sham's epilogue to the same in Kannada.

Orkut Story (ಆರ್ಕುಟ್ ಪರದಾಟ)


Somehow, orkut is getting to be more weird by each passing day. It wouldn't let me change my homepage link! More to that, it wouldn't let me add a new user icon... the album too is down for what they say "Photo album uploads are under maintenance. Please try again in a few days." wah, orkut, wah. keep it up. shaahbaash.
For every few pages I click on, I get "Sorry, but no donuts for you... " or something... ah, its a pity orkut came to this.

Kannada wikipedia makes it to 200 articles

Kannada wikipedia now has 200 articles in its garner. Whats more fascinating is the fact that it is now one of the largest kannada content site on the internet with more than 1600 pages in its database. :) I'm sure more people would wake up to it and take part in the knowledge revolution. It would be nice to see something that would be the first knowledge base of its own kind in Kannada. A quick reminder of links... * Main page of Kannada wikipedia (mukta kannada vishwakosha) * FAQ * Community page * Statistics

Money leeches

Me and pramod were coming back from Majestic this evening after some small purchase we made there... when this unfortunate thing happened. I was moving straight ahead with my bike near hudson circle. Somehow, I was indecisive of the direction in which I was supposed to turn, and I slowed down to take a right turn. This guy from nowhere with his son on the back hits the back of my bike, falls down and this was enough for the traffic mamu standing there to call us aside.