Maiya's and the iPods

Submitted by hpn on June 14, 2011 - 08:43

After more than ten years spent in Bengaluru, we've learned as much to avoid food outside. Eating food outside hasn't been the same in Bengaluru as it was several years back. However, there are few exceptions. Maiya's is one such restaurant. At Maiya's you get the traditional flavors of Udupi, Mangalore. The food is of better quality. If the South Indian food gets boring, there are always pastries, some bakery stuff and Gujarathi style restaurant for a change.
Maiya's and the coffee in silver cups
Not just that, the restaurant is famous for the coffee served in real silver cups. And for the lunch and dinner, a drink is also usually served in silver cups.
Maiya's and the ipods - A waiter taking orders on ipod touch
On a recent visit to Maiya's it was another new stuff that caught our attention - use of ipods for taking orders. At first, we had thought the waiter was using an ipod touch and were about to make jokes about how common ipods have become. But that wasn't the case, yet. It was something else altogether. Turns out that Maiya's has an iphone/ipod app that connects to an application on their LAN via wireless and transfers info about orders placed to their billing desk and to their kitchen simultaneously. For a restaurant in Bengaluru trying to cater to perhaps thousands of people each day, not bad adaption of technology, eh?

A large TFT screen has been installed in the kitchen. Once the order is noted down on the ipod touch, the order information gets updated instantaneously on the screen and the waiter doesn't need to go to the kitchen to relay the order unlike before. The billing counter gets the updates about the food served, and the bill can be generated easily as well. Quite nice.


Photos: taken by me using Android.

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