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Debian Etch and hp nx6120

debian It was a long time since I installed debian on my laptop. Unsupported hardware issues dogged it the last time I tried it on this (which seems years back). But this time, it was really worth giving a shot. I found Debian sleek, more nostalgic than any other present distribution. It is probably the best distribution to work with. But the old kernel that is shipped with etch had some ACPI related issues. And sound wasn't there. I had to download and compile the latest Kernel after which everything is good. Pidgin has to be compiled if you don't fancy gaim. iwp2200 wasn't working fine, but did after installing the firmware. And that is about my log of installing Debian etch on my old laptop. :-) (Oh, btw [:|here is another little note about Kannada fonts on Debian]. Might be useful for Kannada users.)

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