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A morning spent watching "good" Kannada Cinema


For years now, we've had very less of quality films in Kannada, and here is one cinema that is good on quality, but never got to the theatres. Distributors here fancy films that have songs, dance and crazy fights which on most occasions merely are low quality mockery of Bollywood/Hollywood. Sadly, it is the song and dance films that bring in huge moolah for them as art films go untried.

The film screened was "Mukhamukhi" and the screening was at "Suchitra Film Society" on Saturday. The film bagged the (Karnataka) State film award for "Best Dialogue" in 2006. The director of the film who lives in Australia is an active member of the [:|Sampada Community].

Since the screening was in the morning, we were not expecting a houseful situation, but the turnout was good. Several Sampada members whom we knew just by their user-id or user-icon before then, were present.


The film was good to watch, and better than most Kannada films we get to watch these days. Within the limitations of the budget and technology, they've done a tremendous job.


After the screening, the director of the film, Sudarshan ([:|Anivaasi on Sampada]) answered questions thrown by the audience. Curiosity was in the air about why films like this never make it to the theatres. The discussion centred around how good films end up not reaching many people. In several cases they end up not reaching even the intended audience with the Cinema distribution system here favouring blockbuster cinema with song and dance sequences.

(More about the film on the website: [:])

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