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Hari Prasad Nadig
Photo: Suma K Addoor

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Blog :: 'PariveshaNa'

On what was going on in her mind

When building with her lego blocks, the little-one sometimes gets bored of building similar things. When that happens, she requests me to build something for her, perhaps looking for something new. A new perspective, maybe.

Today, she diligently waited until I finished my dinner. I was a bit surprised. She sat right there waiting. When there were some phone calls I had to answer right after that, she waited further with patience - pacing back and forth with me whilst I spoke on phone. This followed with the usual questions by her - "Who did you speak with?", "What did they ask?".

Bengaluru traffic at dusk

(Something that I had just jotted down earlier on Facebook.)

Given any hour of the day, driving in Bengaluru is no fun.

Driving by twilight is the worst, especially after a tiresome day. At this time of the day, people of this city become more ruthless on the road. Overtaking from the wrong side, getting on wrong side of the road is quite common - as though nobody gives it a damn.

On Sampada, Saaranga, WikiTrack and more...

It has been quite a while since I posted regularly here. This space has long been neglected by me and some of you following this still (I'm very thankful to you for the affection) have asked me back and again why I haven't been posting much here anymore. While there has been no particular reason why I have stayed away from posting regularly here, looking back I do realise I've lost an invaluable opportunity to share what I had written. It is not that I was writing quite regularly or wrote as much.

Google Indic Hackathon

Google Indic Hackathon

When a friend from Google had messaged me several weeks back that there’s going to be an Indic hackathon at Google and that I should try and be part of it, I was quite excited about it. It is not quite often that an “Indic” event is organised by tech giants like Google.

Traffic Diary, Bengaluru

Just around the time when big spending announcement on infrastructure has been made in the state budget, the roads in the city of Bengaluru are back to the shabbiest state that we’re quite familiar with. ToI has an interesting note about the big allocation for Bengaluru roads in the state budget. It points out that:

The rich and poor of Wikipedia in India

An anonymous parcel arrived the other day by courier and the security downstairs had kept it aside.
I opened it late in the evening to find a parcel with no note whatsoever in it. A T-Shirt and a memento was thrust into a box. Turns out that it was the stuff distributed at the “Kannada Wikipedia 10th anniversary” event to which I was not invited officially.  It was as though someone knew I wouldn’t accept it and kept it anonymous.

Just another sketch after quite a long time

It has been such a long time since I tried my hand at this. Not too happy with the lines, but hey, something for a change.

The Mid-day meals programme has hit a tragedy in the state of Bihar and students have died. Apparently, someone thought it was okay to cook in utensils used for insecticide. Elsewhere in India, this might be happening:

Sketch by Hari Prasad Nadig