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Spectacular planetarium - Stellarium

stellarium When in school, college, the lengthy hours of (load shedding) power cuts in the evenings stealthily served a purpose - dragging us to the rooftop to gaze at the stars. In Bangalore though, gazing at the stars is not quite the same because of the all the glow from the city side, even during a power cut. But here's a software that lets you browse through the spectacular objects in the space serving just like a planetarium but on your desktop! What more, the software is as free as it gets (free as in freedom). On Debian or Debian like GNU/Linux, all you have to do is this: $apt-get install stellarium to get it installed and running! Note: The software is available for Windows and Mac users too.


Don't forget KStars too. A more lightweight alternative. There's also Cartes Du ciel, Starry Night et al for Windows. The skies will open up for good shortly (It's nov. So we 're heading toward the obs season). You should join us for one of our star parties some time.

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