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Sunday log: Nocturnal visit

Yesterday, after some time spent with people who had loads of ideas, space and resolution for pushing 'FOSS' in state and central government, we had a quick meal at "Chung's". Of all that we quickly gobbled up, that one recipe which had rice in it (schezwan?) was really the 'eatable' for me. We then quickly headed towards Nagesh Hegde's farm. A brief stop was to get some Ayurvedic medicine that was out of stock at my place. What was supposed to be an evening visit became a dinner time visit to Nagesh Hegde's place. Making sure the late timing was okay with NH, we cruised on almost zero traffic Magadi Road only to find that the bend near Tavarekere was badly bruised with some repair work that seems chronic to that stretch. Late night travel on the outskirts of the city isn't all that fun except for the cool, clean air. The darkness on the road, absence of road signs make it difficult to find way even on the familiar roads on the city outskirts. A crematorium as the landmark to the rescue! - we were cruising back on a slightly narrow road towards the farm. Enter the farm, I remembered about the two snakes in the tank NH had mentioned to me during my previous visits. Despite the new found bravado about snakes from the visits to Dr. Aithal's place, I wished for a moment the snakes would stay good pets and won't venture out of the tanks. By the time we reached the farm house, Coffee (that's the pet dog) had sprung from nowhere and was running all around, jumping and waggling its tail. I almost fell over dodging it. Whew. NH later mentioned to us about the snake that has curled up in a pipe up on the ceiling in veranda. It seems that they found two snake heads popping out one day, but later realized that the snake had found a mate! NH was also telling us how the snake up there on the pipe attached to the jute mold grabs bees for food. The lost fear about snakes was gathering back in slow pace and I was looking back and forth at the pipe expecting the snake to pop its head out of there any moment. It was later an endless talk about various things - from technology to cartooning. Of course, I was the talkative fellow for the most part between brief pauses for Honey flavored Tea and fruits. We also talked about the new Chiguru distribution we've come up with, based on Debian and how we plan to build up on it in coming days. Later, headed back in the utter darkness, LED on Ravi's Sony Ericson mobile showed us the way to the car. We headed back talking about great time spent in the absence of noise, pollution discussing our favorite topics with one of the best writers who has inspired us all.


I was so fortunate yesterday to tag along with hpn and meet one of the renowned Kannada writer. While it was hard to afford books and novels etc in my school days, NH's articles on science and technology were easily accessible to all of us through the school books or via new papers. Always NH did reach out to all those hungry minds and filled them with food for thought. I'm yet to learn the way in which he explains minute details of science and technology to a common man.

Yeah, NH is the man of simple science. His ability of writing science in simple Kannada has drawn many in to the habit of reading and writing. I was the one among them. He carved my writing and drew my attention towards the vast possibility of feature writing. I was fortunate to work with him in Prajavani. His retirement was a big loss to Prajavani and its readers. NH is the Tejaswi of Kannada journalism.

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