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My favorite application for instant messaging - pidgin (previously gaim) seems to be taking up too much of resources on a desktop with decent hardware that I wouldn't want to upgrade or throw away anytime soon. On my machine, since instant messenger is something that stays on all the time, I'd prefer an IM client that occupies less of the available resources and above all, is light weighted and less complicated for use. On Ravi's lead, I installed empathy today and tried it out. At first glance, it looked impressive. Adding to what pidgin does, this one supports voice as well. Some screen shots: Installing it on Debian Lenny is easy. The package is in the repository (but you don't get the latest there).


I installed empathy and added yahoo and gmail accounts. Yahoo account works fine but for gmail account it gives me "network error". My settings are login ID: nayak.sathisha Password : ******* Unchecked Encryption required Checked Ignore SSL certificate errors Resource Telepathy priority: 0 Server Port : 5222 Unchecked Use old SSL Is there any problem with my settings? i also tried by default settings.(port 5223 and checked Use old SSL) It also not working. Please help me to setup gtalk on Empathy.

what are the configurations of the voice chat for yahoo and hotmail because on default it does not support the voice chat facility can anyone help in that matter

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