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Tata Internet Services disrupted

People using Tata Indicom Broadband (and several other services here in India) seem to be affected by heavy packet loss in their Internet connections. When I called up the Tata Indicom Customer Care almost in what seemed to be the umpteenth time I was calling them in last two days, I was told about some "submarine cable damage", "main server issue" and few other such things. Earlier they had a reason to believe it was a local issue and they said they will get it rectified in "6 hours". Now, the news is that they are "working on it" and would "fix it by Sunday morning". Let us hope for the best. :-) (I hear from friends using BSNL, Airtel that their Internet connections are also affected.)


Thought that, its my new computer's issue with which it got updated by Win XP SP 3 pack. So kept quite did not even care aven after hearing the news of submarine cable damage. Tot its mid-east country's problem. At last realized, when it came to my core work related.... Do you think its sabotage? Last time, it was a sabotage for sure.

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