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Blue Radiant theme

UPDATE: An updated version is available. Check this page. Around a month back, JD had told me about the need for a new design. A theme thats different from others for wordpress on I decided to do one. That was when I had just finished moving to wordpress 1.5 and had done a customized theme for myself. Within weeks, I found myself doing several themes for wordpress, and enjoying every moment of it. :) First it was Parishuddha, then Oxymod, then, and now, the Blue Radiant theme! The Blue Radiant is the first three column layout I've attempted for wordpress.


Here's the demo.


Blue Radiant theme Let me know how you liked it... I'm open to suggestions from the users.


If you like the theme (or any of the themes mentioned above) and found it useful, Please consider making a donation... would help me a lot.


  • v 0.1. P.S: Updated version available for download, See below. Download from the above link only if you fancy the older version (there have been some notable changes from the old to new)
  • v 0.4 UPDATE: Modified the Blue Radiant theme... (now v0.4). Changes largely due to the number of mails coming in requesting various changes... (most of you asked for more wider columns). The old one is still available at the same place as it is. Change Log:
    • Increased width to 800px
    • 'Print post' added.
    • 'Email post to friend' added

Google 302 redirect exploit

. / carried a story today about 302 redirects being replaced with the parent URL (the URL that redirects) on the search engine listing rather than list the original URL. The situation is that the URL which redirects gets an unfair listing on the search engines, when it has no content on it ;) Call it a coincidence, I had experienced this flaw too and had wondered why this was so in the recent past. In my case, the pages (the pages on my old blog) that redirect to my new blog pages via 302, used to get listed with the same old URL on google ;) But now, it looks like google has fixed this. My old page no longer tops the list when you search for "Kannada websites" on google. In fact, its nowhere in sight. ;)

No internet for last few days...

First it was the power failure, later the ISP I've subscribed to going down. I've had no internet connection for last two days. Spent significant time this evening checking and answering those numerous mails that had stocked up in my mailbox. whew! I unsubscribed today from some of the heavy traffic lists. The good thing is that I'm getting ADSL connection in another week and a half! yay!

Project Gutenberg CDs are here!

Project Gutenberg
I got the Project Gutenberg CD and a DVD today. Thanks to the nice folks at Project Gutenberg, they've sent them to me free of cost. Hopefully, I would donate/contribute to the project in near future. All of you who would like a copy of it and live in Bangalore, can call me up or just drop me a mail to get your copy. (But, do get a CD/DVD with a you for copying :) )

For me, google's still the best!

Many people have already written about this, so I shall just show two comparisions :) Check these out: case 1: search string: "Kannada wikipedia" MSN: Yahoo: Google: Both yahoo and google are spot on ;) case 2: search string: "Subhash Chandra Bose" MSN: Yahoo: Google: In this case, just google is spot on ;) MSN points to a latest article about the keyword, and yahoo seems to show something out of an archive. What does this infer? ;) Also, not only in this case, but in most cases, google's just spot on with the right result. MSN seems to put across more weightage on the latest documents. I just feel google's still the best! ;)