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On buying books online in India

It had been quite sometime since I ordered books online. The books I ordered two days back with three different Indian online shopping websites reached here the same day and almost at the same time! Looks like there's some cut-throat competition between them now.
While flipkart was really quick and professional in shipping (and notifying about the shipment), indiaplaza had the books at best prices. Their notification system is quite good as well. However, their package is colossal addition to waste considering I had to throw away more than 8 dirty plastic covers for just four books that I ordered. Hope those will get recycled! The bubble wrap can be reused.
Flipkart's bubble wrap envelope reached clean. The bubble wrap envelope they packaged the book with, can be reused if torn open in a proper way.
It is nice to be able to order books after searching them or reading about those online, however it is sad that it adds up to as much plastic and packaging waste. Maybe sometime in future, jute bags would replace these.