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Hari Prasad Nadig
Photo: Suma K Addoor

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11th year in Bengaluru


11th year in Bengaluru

Of late, whenever anyone throws a question asking which place (city) I'm from, there isn't by any means a ready answer. The confusion lies in the fact that I haven't lived for long in any place that I could call my home town and that I've lived major part of my life till now in the city of Bengaluru! Yes, I was born in Davanagere. The city famous for its Dosa and cotton mills. I was brought up in the lovely fort city of Chitradurga. Rocky hills, ponds and the truly mesmerizing channels of harvested rain water running into ponds that always made us wonder how the city even got into facing scarcity of water. It is said that a British officer who visited Chitradurga fort was quite relieved that they did not have to fight to win it. The historic fort is said to have been impenetrable.