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Hari Prasad Nadig
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Blog :: 'PariveshaNa'

One more recipe for pulao

Madamji has had flu and has been advised complete rest. Mom would have helped, but she's away on a trip. So, I suddenly found myself in-charge of the kitchen today after almost more than two years. Outside food is a strict no-no these days, the chilly and spices have been the culprits of the awful, recurring acidity. Moreover, when the weather is as depressing as it is this week in Bengaluru, better keep away from most of the restaurants!

Typing in Kannada on Mac, UIM and m17n on Mac OS X

Years back, I had been of some help in readying a Kannada font for Mac OS X. It was a Mac OS X port of Kedage font. I had no Mac device with me then. Through Sampada, I used to get several emails from Kannadigas around the globe requesting information about getting to read Kannada on devices running Mac OS X.

An update after a long time with a new look to the website

new look for Just one blog post here in 2012 pretty much sums up how the year went by for me. Here I am, updating my blog after a fairly long time. The website also now sports a new look, new structure - which was in works for quite a while now (as this depended mainly on the free time my team had, which wasn't much).

On buying books online in India

It had been quite sometime since I ordered books online. The books I ordered two days back with three different Indian online shopping websites reached here the same day and almost at the same time! Looks like there's some cut-throat competition between them now. While flipkart was really quick and professional in shipping (and notifying about the shipment), indiaplaza had the books at best prices. Their notification system is quite good as well.

On how Google irreparably wounded Kannada Wikipedia

Google India paid local companies/agencies to test and use their Indian language translation tool. The platform they chose was Wikipedia.What happened next was disastrous. Especially on Kannada Wikipedia. Rumors spread that "You get paid for writing on Wikipedia". The regular  contributors felt discouraged as they continued to contribute as volunteers while others, the translators commissioned by agencies were getting paid pretty well.