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March 23, 2005 - 16:24 -- admin
UPDATE: An updated version is available. Check this page. Around a month back, JD had told me about the need for a new design. A theme thats different from others for wordpress on I decided to do one. That was when I had just finished moving to wordpress 1.5 and had done a customized theme for myself. Within weeks, I found myself doing several themes for wordpress, and enjoying every moment of it. :) First it was Parishuddha, then Oxymod, then, and now, the Blue Radiant theme! The Blue Radiant is the first three column layout I've attempted for wordpress.


Here's the demo.


Blue Radiant theme Let me know how you liked it... I'm open to suggestions from the users.


If you like the theme (or any of the themes mentioned above) and found it useful, Please consider making a donation... would help me a lot.


  • v 0.1. P.S: Updated version available for download, See below. Download from the above link only if you fancy the older version (there have been some notable changes from the old to new)
  • v 0.4 UPDATE: Modified the Blue Radiant theme... (now v0.4). Changes largely due to the number of mails coming in requesting various changes... (most of you asked for more wider columns). The old one is still available at the same place as it is. Change Log:
    • Increased width to 800px
    • 'Print post' added.
    • 'Email post to friend' added


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I don't know. There should probably be a plugin for that. Try at <a href="" rel="nofollow">wp-plugins</a>. Or just go through the wp-functions list in the includes/functions.php or the related files... you might find a function that does this. Personally, I never liked the "recent posts" feature :)

Submitted by John (not verified) on
Hi, I installed your theme, and it works great. There's only one issue I'm not sure how to fix. When sending a post by e-mail, international characters are not supported (I get all sorts of funny symbol). TIA

Submitted by John (not verified) on
Can anyone help me fix the following two scripts that I copied from the BlueRadiant Theme so that: a) The sender does not show up as (xxxx being an admin username and yyyyyy being my host domain) b) International character are supported. Templates are here:

Submitted by John (not verified) on
Any news on this?

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<blockquote>Maybe you could just let me see the templates you’re using over here with your site.</blockquote> Is the one on this site working fine for you? I was looking at the issue that you mentioned about unicode characters. My Understanding is that you want the mail 'content' in Unicode. Is that right? Maybe this can be solved just by saving email.php as utf-8. I'm still to test it out, though. I'll soon be releasing newer versions of all my themes, so this would probably be tested and (if the issue exists) would be covered in that.

Submitted by John (not verified) on
yes, If I send one of your posts from this site by e-mail, everything works fine. I think I should have the same script on my site, but it doesn't work. What's the source of the problem? that is the question

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that sounds interesting, John. I haven't changed anything on the email script or the print script when using it on the present theme on this blog. Both the scripts were first added to Blue Radiant and 'copied' later to others. Nothing has been changed.

What would be the best way to modify it so that it sends the full text of the entire post? Or is that too big a variable to pass using the form? The reason I want to do this is because I make articles available for reprint and making the article available via email is an established way of doing this. Thanks a million for this wonderful plugin. It's so much easier than the other WP forward-to-friend plugin, and the popup script is great.