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Now, 'Oxymod' theme for wordpress... ;)


Jan 1, 2006. Oxymod theme 1.4 for Wordpress 2 is available. Changes include few design modifications, wp 2 support & XHTML Validation. Download the latest version from here.

Well, just for those who would like to use wordpress along with punbb, here's a template that looks similiar to the punbb template that that I did yesterday. I actually designed these templates to use on Kannada project site. As you can see we're running both wordpress and punbb over there, with of course, this theme of mine. ;)


You can view the theme here.


\'Oxymod\' theme for wordpress


v 0.1.


Noticed a small problem since I don't have the Theme Switcher plugin installed. There's a call to it in the sidebar.php template, and not having the plugin, my sidebar vanished from that point on. Removed the offending section with the get_theme_switcher function and she works fine now. Thanks for the theme... the world needs more themes that cross the lines from one system to another.

<strong>WordPress 2.0 Beta 2</strong> I upgraded to beta 2 today. I just noticed some weird shit today with the comments. The post before this one says there&#8217;s zero comments but in reality there&#8217;s one. And the post on the 21st doesn&#8217;t show any sign of comments even bei...

See: <a href="" rel="nofollow">this comment of mine</a>.